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Soldier, we have to take some sacrifices to win this war! Soldiers don't cry!

A woman standing outside in the rain, looking up to the sky. She'd just heard her husband died serving their country.

Hey you where's your father?! He doesn't care for you two, does he?!

The woman while sitting in some restaurant suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. "Long time no see!"a friendly voice said. When seeing the look upon her face it followed with a: "Are you okay?" The woman started crying being hold by her friend.

"Ssh, it's okay...don't cry."

The twelve year old boy said to his younger brothers.

"Soldiers don't cry..."
Soldiers don't cry
F'ed this one up pretty bad 
I run, run, run.
They keep chasing me.
I try to escape, but I can't.
I trip and fall.
They reach for my legs.
I can't get away in time.
I scream...

I wake up.
It was just a dream...
...from their clutches.
"In the end everybody's going to die, It's your choice when that'll be."
~Rosie Green

"It's the survival of the fittest. Afterall we're just zoo animals being fed by the government. Once we will be offered something poisonous. It'll be either take it and die, not take it and starve or we'll team up and fight for our food. I think I know which one you'll chose. Reconsider."

"This gang is to escape reality, not to fight. Wanna fight? Join a fight club. You're not tough enough for that, are you?
~Rosie Green
Worst quotes ever...
Seperated from friends and family.
Locked in a box.
The walls are coming closer,
as you can barely breath.
No one to comfort you,
no one to tell you to hold on,
that you will be fine,
no one to hold...
When will someone come to save me?
They are flying through the air,
looking for a body.
They've smelled your blood.
They dive and land on your skin.
They put those lil' needles in it,
leaving: a soft venom and a red swelling.
Damn mosquitos!
Air Mail
So yeah, I'm allergic to them... 
I'm sorry for not posting or being on here for ages!!!
I'm trying to post something tonight :3
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just a horse, music and Deviantart lover :D

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